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  • 509,600 PLN raised capital
  • Project
  • 304 shareholders
  • 1,000,000 PLN share issue objective
  • 9.09 % equity on offer
  • 100 PLN share price
  • 10,000 no. of shares
  • 13.01.2019 end date
  • FLEXIBLE offer type


Ed Red S.A. is the operator of the Ed Red restaurant network, which serves Polish cuisine, and the largest Polish steakhouse offering dry-seasoned meats. Following the slow food philosophy, we make all items on our menus from scratch in our Ed Red restaurants. This way we create high quality, original dishes. Our guests appreciate the taste offered by our kitchen and the atmosphere of our restaurants - in 2017 they visited us 100 000 times.

We invite you to review our investment offer.


09.01.2019 r. (Wednesday) 6:30 PM


5% discount

from 1 to 4 shares

5% discount card

10% discount

from 5 to 10 shares

10% discount card

15% discount

from 11 to 20 shares

15% discount card

20% discount and a voucher

from 21 to 50 shares

Voucher for PLN200 and a 20% discount card

25% discount and a voucher

from 51 to 150 shares

Voucher for PLN500 and a 25% discount card

30% discount and an exclusive dinner

from 151 to 500 shares

30% discount card and a gourmet dinner with a tasting menu and a selection of wines from two

40% Discount and a cut of beef

from 501 shares

40% discount card and a present in the form of a 10kg cut of beef which we will prepare according to the preference of the investor.

*all discounts are valid until the end of 2021 for the bearer of the card and up to 5 persons.


We are the pioneers of beef dry-aging technology. Our process makes the best cuts of beef tender and juicy by ageing in dedicated cabinets. This way our steaks have a natural and concentrated flavour. We proudly cooperate with local meat manufacturers and by using local products we promote Polish tastes and support small suppliers. Since we have opened our first Ed Red restaurant, the most renown organizations in the world of gastronomy, such as Michelin, Gault & Millau and Slow Food have regularly awarded us with their prestigious distinctions.


We managed to sustain the success of our Cracow-based restaurant in the Warsaw market. In the 12 months since its opening, Ed Red in Warsaw generated PLN 4.5M of revenue.

Thanks to the dynamic growth the company could consistently invest in its meat ageing equipment. The purchase of specialised equipment and construction of an ageing chamber based on Maturemeat solutions allows us to process 4 tons of meat at any given time.

In order to optimise the use of stocks in accordance with the “zero waste” philosophy, we have launched production of smoked products, mainly beef, which can be purchased, among others, at Targowy Bar.


Revenues in 2017

100 000

visitors in 2017


average annual growth



Ed Red steakhouse

4 new restaurants until the end of 2012 - Wrocław, Poznań, Tri-City, Silesian Metropolitan Area.

The Ed Red Steakhouse brand refers to restaurants with 60 seats and a simplified menu based on steaks.

Targowy Bar (Market Bar) and Shop

20 locations until 2021 in cities above 100k residents.

The Targowy brand represents bars serving quality flavoured spirits and own savoury smoked and cold food products. The offer includes cold snacks such as tartar, aspic, fish and smoked meats, as well as traditional hot bar snacks. The first bar was launched in October 2018 at Hala Mirowska next to the Ed Red restaurant in Warsaw. We plan to open another location in 2019 in Kazimierz in Cracow.


reaching revenues of PLN 30M


Initial Public Offering


In 2022 we plan to open our first location in Berlin. We see the German market as very interesting, not only due to the possibility of achieving higher margings, but also because of the higher purchasing power of German consumers.




At the current restaurant in Cracow supply of seats is highly exceeded by demand, combined with the lack of proper room for hosting functions for larger groups it imposes a significant limitation. Therefore, we found a new location, a 500 sq. m. venue located in the heart of the tourism-fuelled district of Kazimierz. At our new restaurant, we will be able to double the number of seats and its large historic hall will allow us to host functions for up to 100 people. The townhouse where the current Ed Red restaurant is located is to undergo renovation and in the future, it will become an exclusive hotel with which we plan to enter into close cooperation. The growing tourism-related traffic and the commercial success of our operations to date allow us to sustain two Ed Red locations in Cracow.



In mid-2019 we plan to open a Targowy Bar (bar and shop) in Cracow. Knowledge of the local market and management staff which we employ in the city will allow us to quickly bring the new investment to full operational capability.


The paths of restaurant manager Grzegorz Kłos and chef Adam Chrząstkowski crossed for the first time in 2013. The real adventure began a year later, in April 2014, when the doors of the first Ed Red restaurant opened in the historic townhouse near the Cracow main square. At the time dry-ageing of beef was an unknown technology in the Polish market. By learning on our own mistakes we have blazed trails while learning the secrets of the complicated process. After a year, while our revenues kept rapidly increasing, we began preparations to open the restaurant in Warsaw. We felt enchanted by the beautiful space of the historic Mirowska Hall and in October 2016 we launched the second Ed Red branded restaurant. Currently, we have the necessary know-how and one of the largest dry-ageing chambers in Central and Eastern Europe, and our supply network keeps growing. But we’re not settling down! We keep experimenting, looking for new flavours and ideas to use in our menus to maintain the leading position in our segment.


Grzegorz Kłos


Founder and Chairman of Ed Red which he launched four years ago by opening the first restaurant in Cracow. At the company, he is responsible for planning strategic development and creative thinking. A man full of interesting ideas and passion which he passes onto everyone around him. He is eager to share his knowledge with others which he does in his teaching activities.

His rich experience as a restaurant owner gathered throughout many years of his career guarantees the success of Ed Red. In the past, he founded several diverse culinary projects in Cracow, including Moment Resto Bar, Zazie Bistro and Modern Catering. One of his biggest success stories is the Pizza Factory, which spread all over Poland thanks to his efforts.

Paweł Baron


Relentless negotiator, he can rationalise any process and his knowledge of finance makes him a hard player. In 2016 he joined Ed Red as the Vice Chairman of the board and the partner of Grzegorz Kłos.

Until recently his professional life went in line with his education, which he obtained from WSB-NLU in Nowy Sącz and Cracow School of Economics. We worked for the Citi Group, as a branch director for Handlowy Leasing in Gdańsk and at Caterpillar Financial Services as their regional director. Before he broke away from the world of financial corporations, along with a group of friends he launched his first restaurant - the Yellow Dog in Cracow.

Adam Chrząstowski


A philosopher by education, ambassador of good taste by choice. An extraordinary chef who made his dedication and high sensitivity a great weapon in the restaurant battle. He polished his skills throughout 25 years of his culinary career.

He gained knowledge from his travels across Europe and the Far East and by working for five-star hotels and restaurants. An enthusiast of Polish cuisine. Member of the Chefs Club and Jury member of Bocuse d’Or Poland. Awarded the prestigious Master of Masters award. Appreciated and much-loved as co-host of numerous television shows.

Adam Pawłowski


The first Master Sommelier in Poland, Polish Champion Sommelier and winner of the Ars Coquinaria Culinary Academy Award. Lecturer and judge of The Court of Master Sommeliers and The Wine & Spirit Education Trust. Writer and co-author of “Hospitality. The art of providing good service in the culinary industry”.

He cut his teeth in the star-awarded Northcote restaurant, where he managed one of the best wine cards in Great Britain. He passes his positive energy around and makes sure the service is always at the highest level and that our employees never stop learning.


Main growth factors for culinary services in Poland

  • Increased propensity to use catering services resulting from growing disposable income.
  • Change of lifestyle which increased the frequency of eating out
  • The increase of the culinary awareness of Poles
  • Currently only 2.3% of household spendings in Poland are spent at bars and restaurants, this percentage should increase and reach the European average of 6.7%
Source: data from the Main Statistical Office for 2013-2017
source: data from the Main Statistical Office for 2013-2017


Ed Red raised lots of media interest since the very beginning of its existence. A renown chef, innovative dry-ageing technology, original menu based on quality produce and design of our restaurants - these are the topics which most often appeared on the internet, in the press and on tv. Our tasting events have also been noticed, including food&wine pairing workshops and numerous culinary festivals. We are appreciated by critics and bloggers. Social media activity gave us 25 thousand fans.


Share price valuation includes the value of the brand, sales results and development plans. Beesfund experts collected our historic data and prognoses and using professional analytic tools they prepared a valuation of the company for this share offering. The company has been growing dynamically since we opened our first restaurant in 2014, last year we achieved revenues of PLN 10 Million, our goal is to triple this number by 2021.

You can use your discount card at all venues managed by Ed Red S.A., this includes both the Cracow and Warsaw Ed Red restaurants and the Targowy Bar and shop. Discounts will also be valid for all new venues, which we will launch in the large cities of Poland in the coming years.

Yes - according to the law you can sell your shares as you wish, at any price you choose.

Our philosophy is to build the value of our company by increasing its profitability and brand awareness. We plan to enter the regulated market between 2021 and 2022, which will be the opportunity to sell your shares.

Share ownership does not impose any obligations on the owner. Once a year you will receive an invitation to the General Assembly of Shareholders.

Depending on the amount we raise from this offering we will carry out our plans in a more or less dynamic manner.

We treat this tool not only as a way to raise the capital necessary for further development of our company but also as the opportunity to build a community of our brand ambassadors. We want to mobilise our friends and the fans of our restaurants, we offer them special attractive bonuses and promotions in exchange for their support.